Composition Rules Magazine is an online photography and art magazine, this blog is a companion for publishing shorter articles and news. The word “rules” in the name of the magazine and this blog is used, and meant, as a verb, not a noun. Composition is a very essential ingredient but by no means the only one. Oh, you will find articles about “rules”, but more likely you will find discussions about composition and many other aspects of art, and specially  photography. You will find stories on many other topics as well.

This blog was planned to feature material from other contributors, the editor and primary author is Ludwig Keck. The original plans did not gel sufficiently and this site languished as a dusty corner of the internet, away from friends and visitors. For the present it will be the blog in the “Cafe Ludwig online world” that covers the artistic, rather than the technical, aspects of art and photography.

The main gateways to this collection of sites are Cafe Ludwig, and Ludwig.Gallery.

You may also wish to visit LudwigKeck.com and Ludwig.Keck.Photography.

To get in touch with Ludwig Keck use the contact page at Cafe Ludwig.